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Page history last edited by Gillian 13 years, 6 months ago

Gillian's Library Day in the Life of... page


I'm an Electronic Resources Librarian in a medium sized public library in Texas.

I also wear the hat of Teen Librarian. My Teen Weblog is here: http://teenscenewaco.blogspot.com/


What do I do all day?

Typical Monday:

6:30 get up, feed cats, exercise, chow down (fried eggs and toast, today!), get ready for work. Get hubby up... Leave at 8:45 for work - feed outdoor cats - no sign of kittens this morning...


9:00 arrived at work, put up lunch and turn on computer. Ran around making sure all computers are up and running, no other crises are going on technically... (We had a power failure from a blown Transformer on Saturday).


9:15 - 10:00 Read e-mail, Blogs, handle any problems. Today, called in a workorder on a computer that was down.

Read about this project and decided to get involved. Discovered that while PBWiki address was blocked by our filter, PBWorks is NOT! Yay!


10:00 Help open the Library. Man the Reference Desk and answer phones. Put teenage girl's mom on reserve list for Eclipse (number 23, for one of 8 copies!). Not even Harry Potter remained this popular for this long...


Tried to get hold of one of the Branches to find out when a program is starting for a concerned patron; no luck - they're not answering the phone and of course, they didn't have it on the web calendar of events (GRRRRR!). Checked reference e-mail and answered question about book renewal.


10:30 helped patron log on computer, helped another print. 2 Guest passes. Started reading issue of LJ (reviews - I buy Science, Languages, Science Fiction, Teen and Graphic Novel materials for Library).


10:55 chat with patron about ILL request - we got her the wrong DVD. Put in corrected request. Informed another patron that NO, we do NOT have a FAX machine (thank something for small favors; teaching thousands of people to use a fax is NOT my idea of fun.) Start thinking about where I want to go to lunch in half an hour.


11:25 Swamped by patron requests for help on the computers!


11:35 escape to lunch with Best Friend. Discuss Manga and "the game" (we play Dungeons and Dragons together on the weekends). Salad and fat free italian...


12:30 back on the reference desk. All the usual. Killer sinus headache strikes. Still reading LJ. Library catalog won't let patrons log in to their accounts - inform IT and they fix it almost at once!


Worked the reference desk until about 5:00. Spent the final hour making cards and prepping game stuff for Saturday's Teen Sci-fi costume party. We'll be playing Werewolf, Who Am I, Trivia, and etc... as well as having the costume contest. And pizza. Fortunately, I'm only in charge of the games.


6:00 Went home. Spent the evening sewing buttons on my costume shirt (long silver thing - I'm going as a semi-manga style time traveler).




Not a typical day; have the day off because I worked Sunday 4 hrs, and work Saturday 4 hrs. Spent the day finishing costume, made bracelet and belt buckle from polymer clay, and bought silver eye-shadow and white nail polish. The things we do for work! Hubby spent the day home sick with an ear infection. Will be making stir-fried ginger-teriyaki pork and green pepper, rice and green beans sauteed in garlic. MMMMM....




6:30 got up and fed the kitties. Prep for work. Finish jewelry for costume...

8:30 chatted with big brother for a bit in ICQ

9:00 arrived at work; new computers for staff arriving. Check mail/rss/etc...

10:30 new computer in place! Spend next couple hours figuring out upgraded email and software, redownloaded google toolbar, nosquint and a few other bits of stuff. Despite warning that USB plugs would be disabled, my electronic picture frame still works! Small joys...


11:45 realize I'm late for lunch. Eat frozen dinner and cup of veggie soup.

12:30 help Boss set up for final Teen Movie of the summer - looks like we're gonna have a crowd, even if it is all guys from the local drug rehab center scarfing down the free popcorn.


2:00 settled in a ref desk for the afternoon. Looks like the usual stuff... looking up addresses, helping print, helping create e-mail accounts, etc...


That's it so far...

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